Prosecutor General of Ukraine demands that lotteries are dealt with

Prosecutor General of Ukraine demands that lotteries are dealt with

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko is concerned about the lack of precautions against the unlawful lotteries from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Politician is certain that the problem has to be solved in the shortest time possible.

Currently there’s a single licensed company in Ukraine – Ukrainian national lottery. It obtains a legal status and pays taxes into the state budget. The lack of the regulated licensing procedure prevents from granting licenses to the other companies. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine works on the creation of the necessary draft law, but the results are yet to be seen.

In his speech, Yuriy Lutsenko outlined a current situation around the lotteries. Ticket POS are actually a part of unlawful gambling business, and hundreds of them are being cracked down by the law enforcement officers, but keep opening again. Prosecutor General is sure that ban is not an answer: gambling business should be given a chance to operate legally. He recommends to deal with the problem by giving out licenses to a few operators and eliminate others.

Mr. Lutsenko acknowledges that the issue of spreading of lotteries is closely related to corruption in the law enforcement agencies and protection racketeering of POS, but he encourages everyone to fight unlawful gambling despite all the difficulties.

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