Verkhovna Rada wants to find those who lobby for gambling legalization

Verkhovna Rada wants to find those who lobby for gambling legalization

Verkhovna Rada was asked to find initiators of legalizing lotteries in Ukraine. The author of the appeal is a member of the parliament Boryslav Bereza. The official is particularly interested in the reason why the Ministry of Finance deals with lotteries and bookmakers.

“It is unacceptable for Ukraine to legalize in such a way,” Bereza commented a new draft law about lotteries and licenses. He’s tried to find out who is enforcing the new law and what are motives behind it. According to Boryslav Bereza, the project doesn’t limit notions of bookmaking and sports lotteries “Toto”. The current law forbids bookmaking in Ukraine.

Bereza is also against monopolization of lotteries. There are currently three operators in the country: UNL (Ukrainian national lottery), Patriot and M.S.L. (Molodsportloto). The deputy thinks that the new law is an instrument for eliminating UNL’s rivals and creating a monopoly. The company’s activities are associated with local authorities and the politician Oleksandr Tretiakov.

Plenty of members of Verkhovna Rada are against legalization of lotteries and gambling in Ukraine in the period of uncertain economic environment and hostilities on the territory of the country. Some believe that it is necessary to legalize the gambling business but oppose to the law draft considering it corruptive.

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