They spoke about the upcoming Ukrainian Gaming Congress in Kyiv

They spoke about the upcoming Ukrainian Gaming Congress in Kyiv

On September 10, Kyiv hosted a press conference dedicated to Ukrainian Gaming Congress conducting by Smile-Expo in Ukraine on September 29, 2015.

Among participants of the media event, which took place in the Interfax conference hall, aimed at sparking the interest of public, branch companies and investors in the gambling business legalization in Ukraine were Tamara Golubchik (director of the Ukrainian Gaming Business Association), Irina Sergienko (CEO of All-Ukrainian Bookmaking Union ) and Vadim Misyura (Director of Public Relations at Pari Match). The press conference was attended by Yana Pastushko (head of gaming exhibitions at Smile-Expo) and Anna Mazoruk (public relations manager of Ukrainian Gaming Congress).

It is worth noting that the main theme of the event was Ukrainian Gaming Congress, its relevance and importance, while the discussion of the gambling business in the country will be held directly at the Congress.

The greatest attention was paid to the issue of legislative regulation of the sector in Ukraine and, in particular, the law on the gambling legalization, being personally insisted on by the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Without exception, all the guests of the press conference have been positively disposed to the new law, but all of them without exception have insisted that the law needs to be further developed and adapted to the realities of the local market.

Bookmakers have been upbeat about the prospects. In particular, Irina Sergienko has noted that, in the case of adoption of a law on the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine, about 5-7 major companies will be ready to enter the market. Vadim Misyura, Director of Public Relations of Pari Match, in his turn, has noted that they are also interested in the law, "whitewashing" betting market and the opportunity to invest in the Ukrainian sport. He has given the example of Ukraine Football Championship, which since 2015 is called the "League of Pari Match."

However, Tamara Golubchik has indicated another weak point in the law, which refers to the permission of casino operation only in the four and five-star hotels, the number of which within the whole country is small.

Should we expect a return of slot machines in the streets, cafes and bars? All speakers have agreed that this issue is the main sticking point in the terms of the business legalization in Ukraine, but no one undertakes to predict the situation.

You can learn more about the relevance of the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine, prospects and opportunities of the market, its financial component, and many other issues directly at Ukrainian Gaming Congress, which will take place on the 29th of September in Kyiv! Do not miss!

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