Ukrainian Orthodox Church opposes the legalization of gambling industry

Ukrainian Orthodox Church opposes the legalization of gambling industry

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not support the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine. Such an opinion was expressed by Father Vitaly that serves in Vinnitsa Diocese of the UOC.

“Church cannot take sides with gambling as far as it is a sin, in fact,” Father says. “Gambling is a temptation. If such things become accessible to everyone, many people will get tempted.”

“Moreover,” he continued. “Games can lead to addiction, which can turn into a tragedy, when problem gamblers would spend their last money.”

Father Vitaly believes that legalizing gambling business will cause the strengthening of spiritual poverty in Ukraine.

“The state should organize the lives of citizens in a way to avoid chaos and disorders in society. Of course, gambling tax revenues will refill the budget, but at the same time, gambling will spread the seed of spiritual poverty among Ukrainians. It cannot be justified with money.”

We would like to remind that currently the draft law on lottery licensing requirements is waiting for the signature of the Prime Minister V. Groysman. The document was elaborated by the Ministry of Finance, which was continuously trying to legalize the gambling industry in 2016.

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