Success of gambling business. Georgian experience

Success of gambling business. Georgian experience

Gambling business in Georgia is given quite a lot of attention from the state. This area is constantly evolving and has attracted a growing number of interested professionals, investors and tourists both from the country and from abroad.

Today in Georgia there is a special law regulating operation of casinos. Therefore, all these institutions operate legally, and they perform payouts in 100% cases. There are, of course, cases of illegal operation of gaming establishments, but at the very least this is unwise to go to such casinos.

Today Georgia's coastline is literally dotted with palm trees, decorated with colored lights, fountains, huge hotels and with every passing year this is more and more similar to world-renowned center of world gambling business - Las Vegas. This is this industry in state policy that is specially emphasized, because it brings huge profits. Thanks to changes made by President Saakashvili, Georgia has become a tourist center of the former CIS countries. Over the past year the number of tourists that have visited its casinos, reached 4 million people (the population of Georgia is 4.5 million).

Gambling in Georgia today thrives also due to the large flow of travelers coming from countries where gambling is prohibited at the domestic level. Ukraine is one of such countries, where gambling was allowed until 2009. The main reason for the prohibition of gambling at the national level was fire in one of gambling establishments with victims and wounded. As a result of gambling activities prohibition more than 10 thousand facilities of this field were closed. Of course, gambling has not completely disappeared from the country. Some, of course, left for those areas where this kind of activity is allowed, the others continue to work, but now do it illegally.

Ukraine has long been talking about legalization of gambling at the state level, but to do it efficiently and for the benefit of the economy and welfare of population, it is necessary to follow the good example, for instance, the Georgian one.

By taking the right steps, it is possible to protect certain social groups from gambling addiction. To do this, it is necessary to set age limits and restrictions on bets and of course restrictions on location of gambling establishments. Countries that have legalized gambling, are capable of controlling the market, thereby endangering the population.
Recently the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili suggested legalizing gambling business in Ukraine under the scheme, similar to one used in Georgia.

According to politician, gambling establishments exist regardless of official ban, and having legalized them it will be possible to fill local budgets of the country with considerable sums of money.

Saakashvili also said that today law enforcement agencies close their eyes to operation of gambling establishments, and the money is divided between the executor and performer and his "protection" instead of being paid to regional budget.

We also remind that at the end of last year, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a bill on gambling business legalization in Ukraine. Then not a single law was adopted and MPs accused Arseny Yatsenyuk of supporting new corruption schemes.


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