Alexey Evchenko will deliver the report at Ukrainian Gaming Congress

Alexey Evchenko will deliver the report at Ukrainian Gaming Congress

Alexey Evchenko, tourism advisor of economic development and trade minister is the new speaker of Ukrainian Gaming Congress which will take place on September 29. He is also the founder and director of ArtBuild Hotel Group.

As part of the speech at Ukrainian Gaming Congress, the expert will talk about what will be the gaming industry in Ukraine after the legalization, what to expect from the new law and, what is more, whether it will affect the tourist image of the country or not. In particular, is it possible to attract tourists to Ukraine and players from all over the world, due to what should be raised the image of the country and, in the end, will it be possible, having gathered all the factors together, turn the country into an interesting investment project in the gambling aspect as well as in many others.

It is worth noting that Alexey Evchenko will gladly agree to give an interview to Ukrainian Gaming Congress, the full version of which you can find by following this link.

In his interview, he points to the fact that the tourism industry will benefit from legalization of gambling in the country. The expert explained that this would ensure the flow of the certain category of tourists who had visited the Ukrainian casinos before they were banned in 2009.

According to Evchenko, provisions spelled out in the bill, such as the requirement to place casino in 4-5 star hotels, are inconclusive, because the regulatory legal act is being finalized. He also said that the possibility to permit the opening of casinos in separate buildings outside the hotel is being considered. However, the requirements to buildings for casinos can be very tough.

Income from gambling to the budget of Ukraine is difficult to predict before legalizing the industry, said the expert. Everything depends on the taxation schemes and licensing - it will affect the number of casinos that will open during the first year after the legalization of casinos, and, consequently, the amount of tax revenue for the period. According to Evchenko, at this time will appear up to 100 casinos. With regard to replenish the treasury through taxes in the gaming sector, the state has the task to receive about 3 million UAH for the first year of the casino operation.

At Ukrainian Gaming Congress, Alexey Evchenko will share with the participants the details of the provisions, which are currently contained in the bill, he will talk about the progress of working on the bill, as well as announce the expectations of tourism representatives from the legalization of casinos.

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