New purge of anti-corruption committee: Ukrainian lawyer instead of foreigners

New purge of anti-corruption committee: Ukrainian lawyer instead of foreigners

The Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine has once again undergone changes. Now, a Ukrainian lawyer and an Italian journalist will attend its meetings.

Irina Sergienko focuses on gambling and sports law as well as legal issues related to the IT industry. Besides, she is the head of the national Gaming Industry Association. The Committee now also includes Marcel Vulpis, the head of Sporteconomy portal and famous Italian journalist that often writes articles about fighting against match fixing.

New members of the Committee have taken places of three foreign specialists in fighting against match fixing: Belgian deputy Patrick Prevo, Italian expert Piero Calabro, and representative of the European Parliament Emmanuel Foulon. They have not attended the meetings lately, so Francesco Baranca decided to replace them with specialists that are more responsible.

We would like to remind that one of the first resolutions of the new head of the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the FFU was to dismiss all journalists from the team. Baranca highlighted that the decision was driven by the willingness to form a more efficient team to fight against corruption. Journalists can attend all open meetings of the Committee on the condition that they submit an application a day prior to the event.

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