Casino and race tracks are the future of gambling market in Ukraine

Casino and race tracks are the future of gambling market in Ukraine

Member of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism, People's Deputy of Ukraine Arthur Palatny said that with a reasonable gambling market legalization 4 – 5 billion hryvnia (up to $185 million) will be contributed to the country's budget at the initial stage.

The politician offered to follow the lead of European countries, establishing territorial restrictions for the location of institutions and mandatory visitors’ identification. Fully controlled legalization of gambling will be a safe and profitable step for Ukrainian budget.

The deputy suggested investing money received in infrastructure, sports and educational activities.

Elena Derevyanko, vice president of Development Construction Holding (DCH group), also supported the strategy. In her opinion, legalization begins with the opening of a casino in high-end hotels, as such establishments are easier to control.

However, the president of Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association (UGIA) Iryna Sergienko has a different opinion. She said that monopolizing gambling in five-star hotels is wrong. The head of UGIA proposed to open gambling venues at racetracks. This will also revive horse breeding in the country.


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