Daniil Getmantsev will join the discussion on gaming business legalization in Ukraine

Daniil Getmantsev will join the discussion on gaming business legalization in Ukraine

Daniil Getmantsev is not only famous lawyer practicing since 1997, but also the author of " Gambling in Ukraine and abroad".

The field of activity expert is engaged in includes: legal advice in solving various issues, representation of interests of individuals and legal firms in litigations, counseling, including counseling customers during investigation related to non-payment of taxes, as well as recourse against such tax decisions in court. Also, Daniil Getmantsev is engaged in legal support of interactive entertainment TV projects on national TV channels and so forth.

Mr. Getmantsev has very ambivalent opinion on legalization of gambling. He believes that it depends on the form the project will be implemented in. If gambling will be legalized to a limited extent, it will be rather correct decision that was brewing for a long time. But if this business will be legalized in the same form it was allowed before 2009, the expert describes it as "a crime of the state against its citizens".

Daniil Getmantsev is confident that gambling activities should be allowed in limited volume only. In particular, it can be distributed in a particular area; they can also create special zones for gambling activities.

"If ten big casinos will operate in Kiev, it will bring the budget about two million euros a year," these are the prospects as well-known lawyer sees it.

Within Ukrainian Gaming Congress that will take place on September 29 in Kiev hotel RADISSON BLU HOTEL, Daniil Getmantsev will talk about his ideas in more details. Here, well-known experts will discuss a wide range of issues related to the future of gambling business in Ukraine.

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