What will be less illegal: to legalize gambling in Ukraine or not?

What will be less illegal: to legalize gambling in Ukraine or not?

The representative of Leon betting shop announced the company interest in offering its services on the Ukrainian market. He pointed out that it is one of the most promising markets in Eastern Europe. According to the expert, Ukraine’s refusal to cooperate with such a large source of budget enrichment is unreasonable taking into account the promise to legalize gambling given to the EU.

Previously, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine published the memorandum about the cooperation with IMF. It contains a paragraph about the obligatory gambling legalization by 2018.

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk has also proclaimed the drawing of the law to support and regulate Ukrainian gambling.

By the way, People’s Deputies and non-party statesman Anton Yatsenko, in particular, are against such initiatives. The politician declared gambling legalization another corruption scheme as well as claimed illegality of making such a decision by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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